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Coins are one of the most ubiquitous and common items; we hardly ever take a close look at that can sometimes surprisingly have a pretty large value. From antique to rare to gold to silver coins, they’re unique items. Only collectors are able to truly assess the value of. Phoenix Pawn and Gold is the premiere antique coin store in Phoenix, Glendale, and Tempe and are the only experts you should trust when you’ve got a coin you believe to have some kind of value.  Let’s take a look at the different types of rare and antique coins on the market today; what our Phoenix pawn shop can do for you.


Bullion vs. Numismatic Coins

Two accepted types of coins with value exist; bullion and Numismatic coins. There’s a big difference between the two. Additionally, it has a big effect on what type of value you can expect your coin to have.  First and foremost, the most common types of coins are bullion.  These are coins that aren’t valuable necessarily because they’re rare or antique. But, more specifically, because of the precious metals that were included in them when they were manufactured. United States quarters that were made prior to 1964 are excellent examples.  These actually included a decent percentage of silver within them. A benefit that today puts their individual value at a few dollars a piece. This makes the coin value definitely far more than the twenty-five cents its inscription would have you believe.


So, that was Bullion...

The second and our personal favorite type of coins are the numismatic coins.  These are the rare, vintage, and antique coins that were maybe handed down. Most often, these coins come from our grandparents or found in storage somewhere forgotten about.  The value of these coins comes from their rarity and cash value to collectors.  Whether or not these coins are misprinted United States coins, or simply coins from a time long ago, the values increase immensely; depending on how antique or rare they actually are.  These are the types of coins that take a true expert to determine as it's not as easy to assess and value them as it is with the bullion coins.  We’re the only antique coin store in the Valley of the Sun that you can trust with something that valuable


Buying, Selling, or Trading Antique/Vintage Coins

If you’ve got a coin that you think is valuable outside of its face value, then it’s about time you give a call to our Phoenix pawn shop now!  Appraising vintage and rare coins takes a true coin professional and its condition can play a large factor in this appraisal.  The longer you let it float around the worse the condition may become and the lower its value will be.  At Phoenix Pawn and Gold, we’ve got experts on hand every single day of the week available to help get you a cash offer for your coin.  Even if you’re not interested in selling your rare coin today, we’re happy to help get you a cash offer and whatever other information you’d like to have about your coin.

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