For much needed Watch Loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold delivers!

Looking for a way to get a pawn loan but don't have a Rolex or Breitling Watch to get some cash out of? Well then don't worry! With over two decades of experience, Phoenix Pawn & Gold is the place for Watch Loans Phoenix locals can depend on. We offer these loans for those in need of cash with most of the known brands out there. Just bring your watch in and we'll assess the value of the timepiece.


What is the process for watch loans?

It's a simple process overall:

  1. Bring in the watch to Phoenix Pawn & Gold to get an assesment of its value.
  2. If you like the value provided by us, we payout that amount immediately...following paperwork, of course.
    1. For maximum value, we will need the original package along with any accessories.
    2. Though we can still take it in damaged, you will get the most cash if it remains intact and near new.
  3. You walk away with money from the loan/payout. After that, you have 90 days to decide what to do.

If you have more questions or concerns, click on the link to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

What type of watches do you loan on?

When showing interest in our watch loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold considers the following brands as the best candidates:

This does not mean we won't take your timepiece, but if you're looking for the most bang for your buck, these would be the brands to turn to. Simply contact us ahead of time if you think yours may not be up to par with what's listed here.

We have to say this about anything that's even slightly related to jewelry, but I'll say it again.  All watches and jewelry are as good as cash at Phoenix Pawn and Gold!  If you're looking for a Phoenix watch loan, it can't hurt you to come down and pay us a visit.  We've been the premier Phoenix pawn shop for over a decade offering watch loans from brands such as Fossil all the way up to Rolexs.  If you need fast cash but aren't ready to part away with your watch entirely, then a Watch Loan is exactly right for you, and if you're not sure whether or not your watch is even worth some cash, then just bring it in we're always happy to help our customers evaluate their options at no cost to them whatsoever.

What if my watch is broken or damaged?

We will examine each watch individually to determine if it is buyable or we can make a loan on it. It really is a case by case basis so if you have a damaged watch, stop in and we will see if we can make it work or not. 


How do the loans work?

·    The Watch Loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold provides follows the same guidelines as our other great loan offers. The loan is written, by law, for 3 months. If at any time during the 3 month loan duration you are able to repay the amount borrowed EARLY, it is possible. Just come in, pay off the loan plus the interest and walk off with your item.

·     If, at the end of the 3 months, you are unable to repay the loan amount in full, BUT you can pay only the interest, we will (by law) rewrite the loan for an addition 3 months. This can be repeated every 3 months for as long as you like. Hold onto your cash loan as long as you need, we will work out a payment plan, according to state lending guidelines, to suit your loan needs.

·     If you are unable after 3 months to pay neither the loan amount, nor the interest, the item will default and you will lose ownership. You will not be obliged to pay any additional monies nor will your credit be affected.

This process is one of the reasons why we have the absolute BEST watch loans Phoenix pawn shops can offer!

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