Gold is an element from earth that has been in high demand since the beginning of time.  Its attributes exceed more than just monetary or symbolic value.  This is why it is so important to validate its purity and need a precise valuation.  That is exactly what Phoenix Pawn and Gold provides with our Gold Testing and appraisals.  With our highly trained and experienced staff, our assessments are complimentary and are never under obligation to accept.  We provide the most advanced technologies to provide a valuation that is on the mark.


Worth its Weight in Gold

Gold has been appreciated and desired since the beginning of time.  It’s aesthetically appealing to the eye, it’s luster never diminishes, and although rare, it is geographically found throughout the world.  It is one commodity that does not go unnoticed.  Nor does its value fluctuate to extremes like most markets or economies.  

Phoenix Pawn and Gold knows in depth the weight and worth of gold. Starting with the basics, Gold's atomic symbol is Au  and its atomic number is 79 on the periodical table.  In addition, it is the only metal that's naturally yellow.  Gold is measured by its “karat” or percentage of its purity.  Which explains why its color varies.  For instance, 10k is 43% pure and its color can derive white gold, yellow gold and rose gold, while 24k is 99.9% pure gold and is truly a vibrant yellow.


The "Noble" Metal

Gold’s chemical characteristics are what make it so valuable.  However, it is the most malleable and ductile metal that we have.  This is why it is so easy to melt and create the many forms out of jewelry and bullion from it.  In addition, you can hammer it as a flat as paper or spin it into wire.  In its purest form, only the mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acids can corrode it.  Therefore, it is understandable why this mixture is used in gold testing to verify how pure it is.  

Otherwise, in its purest form, it can be melted multiple times, shaped or molded various ways. It is used to print multiple denominations of coined currency, jewelry and accessories.  It is also renown for its uses in electronics, dentistry, medicine, and shielding of radiation.

Gold’s resilience and beauty is truly astounding and why its value is invincible.

The Best Ways to Test Gold

While there are multiple ways they claim you can test gold, it is best to entrust a certified geologist to do it correctly.   At Phoenix Pawn and Gold, we have the most advanced technologies to determine your gold’s purity.  If it is in the form of jewelry, we perform a test with various strengths of acid drops.  But, if your gold is in bulk form, such as coin, ingot or bullion we have the Sigma-Metalytics Tester.

Jewelry Gold Testing

To test gold in any form of jewelry, such as a ring, necklace, bracelet, earrings or pendant, a “hallmark” or “hidden stamp” is located.  This stamp indicates the percentage of gold (karat) it is made of to be verified, and possibly the era or designer it came from.  By taking a specific “touchstone” and swiping the jewelry with it, minute flakes are left on the stone’s surface.  This allows us to test the gold flakes reaction with a drop of acid, validating the hallmark, without harming your jewelry. 


Bullion & Coin Gold Testing

For denser or formed gold, there is a device called the Sigma-Metalytics tester.  This amazing machine measures the purity of the gold by sending electro-magnetic waves pulsing through it.  It accurately gives back a measured reading of the gold’s karats in seconds.  This testing is a coin collector’s dream, because the coins do not need to be removed from their packaging.  

Completing the Gold Appraisal

Following the validation of the karat, the gold jewelry's exterior is looked over condition.  It is assessed for its aesthetic appeal and if there are any flaws or marks if it is a coin or jewelry.  Those things can affect its resale value, making it a need to consider. 

After that, the gold is weighed.  Because the weight is the other main factor a gold appraisal is based on. 

Although gold’s market value is much more stable than the stock market, it does vary a bit throughout trading hours.  Because of this, we refer to the Spot Price, or the price at the time of the gold’s sale.  The pricing is marked by increments per ounce, gram and kilo of gold.  

In the end, all the above is factored in to present our cash offer to you.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold offers are the best, because of the percentage we pay out to our customers.  We pay 70% - 80% of the Spot Price, while our competitors pay on average of 50% - 60% of the Spot Price. 

Bring in your gold jewelry, gold watches, gold coins or gold ingots for a free appraisal to Phoenix Pawn and Gold. 

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Cash in Your Gold for Top Dollar in Just Minutes


The process of turning your gold into cash in your pockets is completed in as little as 5 minutes.  Once the cash offer is presented, all that is required is a valid ID and your signature where designated.  By the time the final signature is made, Phoenix Pawn and Gold is counting out the cash offer to you.  Within minutes you will be able to make ends meet and put an end to unneeded stress. 

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