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Get Pawn Loans to receive the best Value for your Cell Phones


You have a love for cell phones, but you simply lack the funds for the latest and greatest. What do you do? YOU PAWN IT! And if you need a place to pawn cell phone Phoenix Pawn & Gold can help!

You could own this. Just simply pawn cell phones you already own.

Ok, so what’s the catch about pawn cell phone Phoenix Pawn & Gold?

We’re glad that you asked! The catch is a simple one: Bring in your Old Cell, be it Apple, Android, a Flip Phone, Candy bar Phone, anything that makes calls, text, and allows to browse. We give it an once-over to make sure it can be pawned; once we’re happy with what we see, we make a Pawn Loan offer. Like that offer and you GET PAID. Simple enough. Also, you can get the phone BACK once you pay off the loan and interest tied to it. If not, we keep it, and you still get PAID. A Win-Win scenario.

Cash. The result when you pawn cell phones with us.

Win-Win, huh? Any time frame on paying off the Pawn Loans?

The usual time frame is within 90 days of the initial payout, but you can pay us back at any time before then. As long as you pay it then, we give you your stuff back (if you want it back). Need more time than 90 days, as life happens, just pay off the interest and we at Phoenix Pawn & Gold extend it for another 90 days. Love your new phone more than the pawned one? Don’t pay. We keep it and you keep going with the new one in tow. If you have further questions about our Pawn Loans, click in the Link to be directed to more information about what a Pawn Loan is.

Don't just throw cell phones away! Pawn cell phones to give them new homes!

So, what phones does Phoenix Pawn & Gold take in, exactly?

When you think to Pawn Cell Phone Phoenix Pawn & Gold can take in a variety of Phones, from most of the major brands. We in particular like the iPhone (5 and above preferred), the Samsung (Galaxy S4 and above, Note 3 and above), Phablets (Samsung Mega 2 for example), and even Windows Phones (though don’t expect much compared to the others)!


 Why not just sell it to you? What’s so special about getting Pawn Loans?

In truth, you ARE selling the device to us, just like any other transaction; but UNLIKE straight up selling, when you pawn cell phones you can get them back after the loan is paid. Meaning you have a means to get quick cash and a chance to pay back what you loaned out. Also, should you not decide to payback or simply like the new phone you got with the money we give you, simply don’t pay the loan. It’s at no loss to you and we don’t come knocking at your door for it. You already “Paid” when we keep the device(s). Like we said before, a “Win-Win Scenario” for both us AND you!

When you come to Pawn cell phones Phoenix Pawn & Gold does not disappoint.

Now, what’s so special about YOU, Phoenix Pawn & Gold?

We’re glad that you asked that question! Since we’re held to standard by the State of Arizona, you know that your Pawn Loans are to be handled professionally. Also, we offer competitive prices so that you get TOP DOLLAR when you pawn cell phones here. Finally, to REALLY make the most of your value, you get higher payouts when you apply for our Pawn Loans. Cell Phones don’t come cheap, so maximize your money options to get the new phone or new ANYTHING you had your eyes on.

The Pawn Cell Phones Phoenix Location that pays out the best!

New phones come out EVERY year, and if you want the Latest and Greatest, don’t let the old phone slow you down! Visit today and see why when you want to pawn cell phone Phoenix Pawn & Gold  will get the Cash you NEED for the Future Phone you want, from the phone you HAVE!



Located conveniently on Van Buren Street, and PROUDLY serving Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, and most East Valley Cities! Remember: if you’re looking for place to pawn Cell Phone Phoenix Pawn & Gold will be your one stop shop!