Pawn Car Phoenix

Need a way to get rid of your car without all the hassle it would involve? In a tight financial spot? Want to solve both problems at once? Come visit us here at Phoenix Pawn and Gold to pawn car and all with us!Pawn Car Phoenix

How do you ‘pawn car and all?’

Well, it’s basically like any other pawn we offer. Simply drive up to our store in the vehicle you wish to pawn. We’ll give it a once over and if we will provide a pawn loan offer once we finish the assessment. We also have the benefit of being able to store your vehicle while your loan is in effect. We do request that any personal effects/belongings that you own be removed from the vehicle prior to coming in. While we take responsibility for the vehicle during the loan, the contents INSIDE are a different matter. Sadly, we cannot be held responsible for them.


What cars do you take for a pawn car Phoenix Pawn and Gold?

As stated before, we like all manners of vehicles, but there are some ground rules. First, it has to be able to operate under its OWN power. Meaning that the engine can be turned on and off, can turn when turning, and can come to a halt when stopping. If it is unable to do so, then it is considered a salvage vehicle. Second, all parts of the vehicle are to be present AND in working condition; breaks, stirring wheel, axles, seats, spare tires if supplied, even the manual that came with it. We will treat your car under the same logic as a TV or Game Console in the spirit of completion. That means all parts present to get the maximum value of the pawn. Finally, scratches, dents and dings may affect the maximum value of the car, but they are not the deciding factor to get the pawn from us.Pawn Car

How does the process work to pawn car Phoenix Pawn and Gold?

To start, simply visit our store in your vehicle, and ask inside to do a pawn on your car. Once we inspect it and approve of the car, we will make an offering in the form of a pawn loan. If you like what we offer then we proceed to give you the cash for that car. We’ll also request that you leave it here with us, per Arizona Regulations and Statutes. Also, since this is a loan, we give you a period of 90 days to pay back the loan. Through it, you can pay off the loan itself before the 90 days and you get your car back. If you need more time to pay the loan back, just pay the interest and we can extend the loan for you. Finally, if you wish to part ways with your vehicle, just let us know. We’ll use it to pay off the remaining due once the 90 days end.

So why do this sort of thing?

Phoenix Pawn and Gold has been a pawn shop to take almost any item of value and give customers money for it. Cars are no exception. In fact, on cars ALONE, the door opens up to new opportunities in the form of ways our customers can make some extra money. That’s one of the reasons why people from as far as Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, even Avondale would come to us for the past ten years: for quality service on items they know is their money’s worth. And we will give it to all customers here at Phoenix Pawn and Gold!