Notary Public Phoenix

Notary Public Phoenix locations are difficult to find when people need them. Most cases it’s individuals that move about. Some cases, it may be costly. Fortunately, Phoenix Pawn and Gold has the answer you’re searching for and offers notary services for Phoenicians and Valley residents.

What is a ‘Notary Service?’

Simply put a notary service is where you pay to have documents officiated. This service is a simple task for us; We offer our customers to get certain documents officiated via a notary seal. This acts as a witness for making documents legal and official in accordance with the State of Arizona.

Why do you need these Services?

The main reason is when you need official documents for business or personal reasons. Rather than scramble to find a notary or notary public (that is the official term), simply visit us here at Phoenix Pawn. This makes it easier for you to get what you need handled in one central location.

Phoenix Pawn’s Notary Public Phoenix Location

You can see our location from the map above. We are located on Van Buren St., just off of North 28th Avenue. Our store is also across from North 28th Drive and a Muffler shop called ‘Luna’s Mufflers.’ If you pass either a Food City near N.27th Avenue or a Douglas Shuttle on N.29th, you went too far on either side. Simply turn around.

Isn’t Phoenix Pawn and Gold a Pawn Shop?

That is correct. Phoenix Pawn and Gold is a pawn shop. That does not mean we don’t work on other endeavors if it helps our customers in any way. We take time to focus on pawn loans and also provide great deals on used merchandise; this is a service that very few of our most loyal customers take advantage of. We also offer title loans for extra money for customer needs. Let us be a one-stop source for your needs in low cost merchandise, great pawn loans, and now notary services. This is a standard we offer to all residents of the Valley, be it Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Scottsdale, Phoenix, Casa Grande, Avondale, and all within the Valley of the Sun.