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    Sell Gold for Cash!

We all know that Gold and Cash go hand in hand. During the Gold Rush, it became the most sought after means of wealth in the West. Owning Gold allowed prospectors wealth-gaining power with relative ease back then. This tradition has stood the test of time, even now. Trade in your Gold for Cash with our pawn loans today at Phoenix Pawn and Gold!

Why Trade Gold for Cash?

There are many reasons for this practice or necessity; overcoming minor financial hardship, investing in a new venture for your business, planning of a project and just a bit short of funds. Whatever the reason, we assist with our loan programs. Also, we're not too picky on the type of gold used to trade for cash loans. Bring in any of the following:

The reason why will vary from customer to customer; but each and every customer is given the opportunity to trade gold for cash loans by us.

The big reason to come and visit Phoenix Pawn and Gold is due to our high cash for gold prices and parallel to the overall global gold trading market.  We ensure that, on a daily basis, we update our buying prices on gold jewelry.  This is to ensure that our customers are always getting the most cash possible for their gold.  Whether short term or long term cash loans for gold, Phoenix Pawn and Gold is here to help.  We're more than happy to help you evaluate your gold buying options free of charge, just reach out to us today.


How Do I Get Started?

The process is straightforward. Follow these steps to pawn your gold for cash loans:

  • Ensure that you have record of your gold being under your ownership. One example If not, it's still possible to get a cash loan, but the chances are not high.
  • Any accessories that came with the gold would help autheticate the items and expedite the process.
  • Finally, have ID ready. The preferred ID is an Arizona State Issued Driver's License. This is preferred as it is an accurate, valid, and current method to verify we give the amount we offer to the CORRECT person. 

Once you have these items on hand, visit our location on Van Buren and North 28th Avenue and we'll help with the paperwork. In most cases, this is done within five minutes. However, if you have more gold to bring, the process can take a little longer. Plan accordingly.

Valuating Your Gold

The process all starts with a valuation.  Our trained associates buy hundreds of pounds of gold a year and thus are experts in ensuring we put an accurate dollar price on your gold items.  We begin by looking for some kind of stamp on the jewelry which indicates purity.  We use this stamp as a baseline for our acid testing process which verifies the purity, obviously affecting the price.  This does no damage to the jewelry whatsoever. 

Next, we weigh the item.  The way Phoenix Pawn and Gold buys gold is buy the gram so the weight of the item is perhaps the most important of the entire process.  Lastly, we make a cash offer.  While you don't always have to just sell your gold, you can certainly get a loan instead, we've got options no matter your decision.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold is more than happy to help you evaluate your options free of charge no matter if you're from Phoenix, Tempe, or Scottsdale.

Phoenix Pawn and Gold is Ideal to Bring Gold for Cash!

For the past decade, Phoenix Pawn continues to provide quality loan programs to our existing and extended customer base. We are locally owned and operated; meaning we have a grasp of what our gold-owning customers are looking for in cash.

This comes from their trust that we can provide the money they need and the mutual agreement to each other in terms of our programs. If you have further questions, please refer to our Contact Us Page or visit our location. See for yourself what we can offer your gold for cash today!