Your Nintendo Switch is good for cash at Phoenix’s number one pawn shop, Phoenix Pawn and Gold!  Selling your Nintendo Switch can be a daunting idea, but sometimes financial necessity makes it necessary.  Come to a pawnbroker you can trust with your expensive electronics.  A pawn shop where you know professionals are giving you equitable cash offers.  Sell Nintendo Switch to Phoenix Pawn and Gold for more cash than you’d get anywhere else!  

Trust Us When Selling Your Switch

Like we stated above, you want to bring your Switch to someone who you can trust intuitively.  There’s many pawnbrokers who simply aren’t on your side, and are only looking to make a quick bit of cash off your items.  Our goal is to be the pawn shop that puts the most cash in your hands, each and every time we can!  Our goal through buying your video game consoles is to help you get back on your feet.  This is reflected clearly in our cash offers, which you’ll find is higher than anywhere else in town.

If you’re still on the fence, then reach out to us using our live chat!  We’ll happily help you explore all the options that are available to you to put cash in your pocket.  We can be your fast cash solution in as little as five minutes.

We Pay More for Extras (Switch Games!)

When you sell Nintendo Switch, there’s no reason to keep around all the extra accessories and games that came with it.  At Phoenix Pawn and Gold we don’t just expect those items, we will gladly pay you extra for them!  Bring down the original box, paperwork, accessories, and Switch games, and increase your cash offer.  Because these items make it easier to sell, thereby adding to the current market value.  Selling Switch games to our Phoenix pawn shop will help you find the financial freedom you need.

To ensure we’re treating all customers fairly, we price these items separately.  Each video game, accessory, and the Nintendo Switch itself are paid for separately so you can see and understand your breakdown of cash.  This helps us maximize the cash we pay, and we can assure you we’ll have the highest offer in Phoenix and Glendale seven days a week!


So don’t delay, sell your Switch today!  Phoenix Pawn and Gold pays the most cash for electronics out of all pawn shops you’ll find.  Give us a call, or just use our live chat, and get a hassle-free quote from the comfort of your own home.

Talk With Us. We will be happy to help out with any questions you have.