Sell Engagement/Wedding Ring - Phoenix Pawn & GoldSell Engagement/Wedding Ring for the Most Cash!

It is never easy to completely let go of the past.  It is a process that is different for us all.  Therefore, these situations need to be handled with understanding.  Specially when you find yourself ready to part with your engagement or wedding ring.  Our staff at Phoenix Pawn & Gold, are trained and experienced to be helpful in times like these.  Therefore, when you are ready to sell engagement/wedding ring or set come down to our store.  Because we will provide you with prompt and courteous service and an accurate assessment of your wedding ring.  As a result, we will present the best cash offer possible.

Assessment to Sell Engagement/Wedding Ring

When it comes to rings that have diamond settings, the assessments on the diamonds and the precious metals are separate.  After that, the two assessments are added together to present to you our cash offer.

Assessment of the Gold, Platinum or Silver Ring

To give an accurate assessment on a precious metal, we begin by locating the hallmark stamp on the ring.  This hidden stamp notes the purity of the gold, platinum or silver used to make the ring.  After that, we use a touchstone to retrieve flakes to test the gold’s purity, without harming the ring.  As a result, we test the flakes according to the karat noted.  Once we have verified the purity, we will weigh the gold ring.  Finally, we will confirm the spot price of the precious metal to complete that part of the assessment.

Assessing the Diamond

To assess a diamond, there is formula to follow called the 4 C’sSell Engagement/Wedding Ring for cash today at Phoenix Pawn and Gold

  1. Color – Although we do not think of diamonds of having color they do…or rather a hue of color.  There is a vast array of colors a diamond can have.  However, there are clear diamonds, though very rare.
  2. Clarity – Likewise, there is a variance of imperfections a diamond can have.  Exterior imperfections are called blemishes, and the internal ones are known as inclusions.  Obviously, the less there are, the better the payout.
  3. Carat – This C represents the size, or rather the weight of the diamond.
  4. Cut – Although many think this is shape of the diamond, it is actually more than that.  This is the actual cut of the facets that make them shimmer light through the gem.  It is the radiant beauty that make diamonds so appealing.

Once all of these factors are considered, the current market value of a diamond with the same 4 C gradings is taken into account.  Finally, every thing is added together, and you are presented with our cash offer.

*Our valuations of your engagement ring are free of charge.  In addition, there is no obligation to accept our cash offer.  

Finalizing the Paperwork

If our offer is accepted, we will need a couple of things to complete the sale.  First, we will need your current and valid Arizona ID or Driver’s License.  After that, we will need a few signatures to close the sale.  As a result, we will be counting out our offer in cash to you.  The entire process can take as little as 15 minutes from start to finish.

In the end, Phoenix Pawn & Gold is here to help you put cash in your hands, and look forward to what your future brings.