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    Dollars for Diamonds

    Get the Most Cash For Your Diamonds with Collateral Loans

Diamonds have much value as the go-to precious metal for jewelry and wedding/engagement rings. The pristine carat, the unique cuts, and the versatility that goes with diamonds continues to validate its worth. So much so that we are willing to offer our dollars for diamonds you own! Get Phoenix Pawn and Gold to offer you a pawn loan for those diamonds you own.

The Most Offered in Dollars for Diamonds Customers Own

One major concern that customers want to have clearly is to get the most for their diamonds. Fortunately, Phoenix Pawn is an established location that customers get the most out of their items. Diamonds in particular have a special place in Phoenix Pawn. As such, getting a vast sum of dollars for diamonds through our pawn loans makes us the best choice. It's not just limited to diamonds themselves. It comes from the various forms that use diamonds as accents to their accessories. For example, diamond rings and diamond earrings are always welcomed in our store! In fact, bring them all in and see what we can offer you today.

How Do I Get Dollars for Diamonds I Own Through Pawn Loans?

The Process for a pawn loan is simple. The diamonds you own are the collateral we really need. Now here are the steps to get a pawn loan with us:

  • Visit our store and have all pieces of your diamond collection (singles, bracelets, necklaces, etc.) ready to go.
  • Make sure you have a Current and Valid Arizona State Issued Driver's License.
  • Ensure that any accessories and receipts are with these diamonds for the sake of validation.
  • Make sure that the diamonds are as clean as possible. The better the shine, the better the payout we can offer.

How is Phoenix Pawn and Gold is the Best Choice?

Phoenix Pawn and Gold has much to go for in terms of its pawn loan services. We take a variety of products that customers own and offer them the money they need from those items. Because of our willingness to serve, customers have trusted us for over a decade. Not bad for a pawn shop!

It also helps that as we are locally owned and operated, we understand the importance of getting back on track or making an investment for the future. So don't worry; Phoenix Pawn and Gold will gladly make sure you get plenty of dollars for diamonds you own!