What is Estate Jewelry?

Estate jewelry is another name for "used jewelry." Many people commonly refer to estate jewelry as antique jewelry, vintage jewelry, and period jewelry. Most estate jewelry does not have a receipt or any documentation verifying where it came from. This makes it very important to bring your pieces to Phoenix Pawn & Gold.  Our well trained staff can correctly appraise and authenticate your jewelry, gold, and diamonds. Don't let the legacy of your estate jewelry fade away to obscurity! Phoenix Pawn & Gold will gladly assist in providing estate jewelry loans Phoenix and surrounding cities' locals can turn to.

Why Take a Loan on Your Estate Jewelry?

Taking out a loan in itself is a daunting challenge. Finding the right place to get you the money you need, even more so. That's why it's important to come to Phoenix Pawn & Gold!  With over 30 years of extensive knowledge in the industry, our professional staff will accurately assess what your jewelry is worth.  Our complimentary appraisals offer you a secured loan for cash today.  This way, you won't lose your sentimental items, and they are kept safe and secure in our vault during the loan.

If you have further questions about estate jewelry loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold has a link provided to answer those questions here.

What Estate Jewelry Can You Get a Cash Loan On?

We loan on all type of estate jewelry including: diamonds, watches, bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, pendants, designer jewelry, gold, silver, and platinum. We’re able to make a loan on individual items as well as an entire set and always loan out top dollar on your estate jewelry. 

Seriously guys, we can't reiterate this enough -- all estate jewelry is good for cash at Phoenix Pawn and Gold.  We can do estate jewelry loans on anything and everything under the sun.  

If you are curious what kind of value your estate jewelry holds, a common indicator is a hidden stamp that indicates purity.  Typically this is found on the insides of rings, on the clasps of necklaces, and on the clasps of earrings.  For gold, this can be 10kt, 14kt, or 18kt, and for silver it will typically either say "STERLING" or .925.  This stamp indicates the karat of the piece and possibly mark the era or designer of estate jewelry.  To clarify, this will at least give you some kind of idea of its value.  Again, if you're not sure, just come pay us a visit and we'll happily verify whether it's silver or gold and give you a rough estimate of its value.

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When looking for the best estate jewelry loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold is the first choice to consider!

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