When You Need a Diamond Jewelry Buyer Phoenix Pawn and Gold Can Help!

As a long standing Diamond Jewelry Buyer Phoenix Pawn and Gold has been in the diamond jewelry trade for over 30 years. We have the experience, knowledge, and the cash on hand, to give you most for your jewelry.

As your diamond jewelry buyer Phoenix residents, our pawn shop is equipped with the tools and experienced pawnbrokers.  Which is what is needed to offer the highest amount and put cash in your hands in mere minutes!

We Buy Any and All Shapes and Sizes of Diamonds!

Diamond Jewelry Buyer Phoenix - Phoenix Pawn and GoldPhoenix Pawn and Gold takes any and all types of diamond jewelry as the Diamond Jewelry Buyer Phoenix Location of choice. Whether your diamonds are set in gold, silver or platinum jewelry or are loose diamond stones, we will assess them and present the best offer around in cash. We buy rounds, fancies, marquise, emerald, princess, pear, oval, and any size!

  • A simple small diamond pendant or that special rare 5 carat diamond from Cartier as an example.
  • It can be used, an heirloom, vintage, or brand new. Phoenix Pawn and Gold takes them all.
  • Premiums paid for signed diamond jewelry.  As well as diamonds with certificates of authenticity.

Helpful Hints to Get the Most Value from Your Diamonds:

One thing to mention: when considering to have us buy your jewelry, please have the original packaging and accessories along with the purchasing receipt.  In addition, bring any paperwork that authenticates the diamonds themselves.  As a result, this helps us to make sure that you get the most out of your payout and also makes the process of grading the diamond(s) a smooth and easy process. Finally, it ensures us that it is your diamond jewelry to sell.  Less risk for us, puts more cash in your pockets!

The 4 C’s of a Diamonds Carat:

Diamond Jewelry Buyer Phoenix - diamond cuts allow the facets to reflect light and create the shimmerAlong with the types of diamonds we take, and sizes, we also consider the carat of the diamond or diamonds as well. A diamond’s carat is the measurement of its size, and valued by what is called the 4 C’s of Diamonds.

  1. Cut – A diamond’s cut adds to its ability to sparkle.  A well cut diamond will increase the light it returns.  So this reference is not regarding shape, rather its depth and its table size.
  2. Color – Actually, it’s more of an absence of color.  When face down, a perfect diamond has no hue at all.
  3. Clarity –  Diamonds are made from carbon being exposed of great heat and pressure inside the earth.  This can cause diamonds to have internal “inclusions” and external “blemishes”.  These are just imperfections of nature, but do matter when valuating a diamond.
  4. Carat – This is how much the diamond weighs.  A metric “carat” equals 200 milligrams, with each carat being subdivided into 100 points for precise measurements.

Stop by our pawn shop today to see why we are the diamond jewelry buyer Phoenix residents rely on!