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Pawn Generators

During times of outages, having a generator is vital and crucial to keeping power in the home. This is important during both the Summer months and also during the Monsoon season. But now there is ANOTHER benefit to pawn generators is now Cold, Hard, CASH.

Generators Offering More Than Power

Yes, this is true. The value of the generators themselves acts as collateral, just like our other great pawn loan programs. All you need to do is just bring it to our store and we can set up a pawn loan for it. That said, these generators must be complete and clean. If there are leaks and damage to these generators, we can’t take them in. Also, all parts must be present and intact when you bring it to our store. Think of it like this: would you buy an item missing parts at regular price?

What Generators Can You Pawn?

To be able to pawn generators with us, we focus on we accept these three main types:

  • Portable Generators: These are the most common types of generators as they are the easiest to transport. More often than not, we have taken our fair share of customers wanting to pawn generators with us.
  • Inverter Generators: This is a generator designed to use a rectifier to convert DC to AC. This is better for smaller appliances and also more portable than the Portable Generators listed above.
  • Standby Generators: These generators activate during a loss of power, unlike Portables that have to be connected and manually powered on. This is vital to emergency appliances as well as can keep system loss down to seconds.

Are There Requirements for This Pawn?

The main requirements for our pawn loan programs are the following: First, have your Arizona State-issued ID. The most common ID is a current and valid Driver’s License. After this, make sure to have all the core components of the generator; missing these components could make the process not happen. So before you bring it to the store, do a checklist to ensure everything is there.

Phoenix Pawn offers a lot of ways to get cash for what customers own. From jewelry to title loans, the Valley can trust Phoenix Pawn and Gold to pawn generators and more!