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Pawn AC Units

Keeping cool is vital in the Valley of the Sun. Air Conditioners can either make or break life and livelihood here Phoenix, but what about when you DON’T need it or if you need a little bit of extra cash? Fortunately,

We’re focusing on Portable AC Units

There are simple reasons as to why we’re focusing on these units:

  • Full Sized AC units are both too heavy and cumbersome to store in our shop. In most cases, they were literally built before customers moved into their homes.
  • We know most customers can part with a Portable AC temporarily, but if you need that AC for personal or medical reasons, we ask that you do this when it is more convenient especially after the summer months.

What is Required to Accept Portable AC Units

Several requirements that are important for when customers decide to pawn AC Units:

  1. First and foremost, the unit MUST BE COMPLETE with all accessories that come with it
    1. That means all the parts that come from its package (manual, exhaust kit, unit with little to no damage).
  2. We must reiterate the condition of the AC unit makes or break these pawn loans. If the AC Unit is grungy, damaged, or both, we cannot accept it. Leaks also count as damaged as well.

Once We Have Everything, How Long Do We Get For This Loan?

The loan is in effect for 90 days, from the start of the paperwork and cash handout to the final payment received based on the interest matured. That said, the sooner you pay the loan, the less interest accrued. In fact, we encourage customers to pay as early as possible.

Why Go to Phoenix Pawn for This?

When it comes to getting money when you need it, Phoenix Pawn has always offered ways to get money with our pawn loan programs