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Pawn Utility Trailers

Vehicle trailers come in all shapes and sizes. The most common among these are utility trailers. Those familiar with hauling items know that a utility trailer is vital to make this need work. But to most people’s surprise, one other function is that utility trailers can haul away money on the side! How? It’s only when you pawn Utility Trailers with us here at Phoenix Pawn and Gold! Therefore, Pawn Utility Trailers you own with us and get the cash you deserve!

So what is a Utility Trailer?

Utility Trailer is basically a non-motorized vehicle connected to and pulled by a motorized vehicle (aka automobile, truck, van, etc.) for the purpose to carry a particular load. In fact, more often than not, utility trailers are very common and used often by self-made businesses and local contractors. They are also connected to trucks and seen throughout the Valley hauling all manner of goods and materials for various means. If you know U-Haul, they have a series of trailers that are utility in nature and design.

Okay, HOW can you Pawn Utility Trailers?

The answer may surprise you, in response to that question. We treat the trailers themselves under the same qualifications as our other pawn services. By that, we mean we treat it like you would treat a laptop or jewelry. All you need do is bring the trailer to our store. We’ll assess it for any major/minor damage, and then provide an offer in the form of a cash loan. If the customer is comfortable with the offer, we simply file the paperwork and store the trailer, while offering the cash on hand.

You Said All Shapes And Sizes, But Does That Mean ALL of Them Or What?

Pawn Utility Trailer - Phoenix Pawn and Gold

Well, for starters, we can’t take the ‘trailer’ pictured above, much as we would love to; along with the cute dog. We also can’t take small wagons either, like the Radio Flyer for example. Finally, the trailers we take have to be of some recognition via a manufacturer of utility trailers. In other words, traditional trailers with worn wooden planks will hardly be considered. Along with that fact, make sure the trailer is in near mint or mint condition. If it’s not, the value will significantly drop, if taken at all.

Are There Other Things We Need to Know?

Yes, there are. First, make sure you have a receipt of this trailer. This is to verify your ownership as well as quickly assess the value of the utility trailer. The next item to have is an Arizona State-issued ID that is current and valid. Most often, the driver’s license is the most commonly used form of this ID.

If you need to get some quick cash, then pawn utility trailers you own to Phoenix Pawn and Gold Today!