Auto Title Loans Benefit Phoenix Residents!

April 13, 2017 - 3 minutes read

Got plans and ideas that happen to be a bit costly? Need to do some renovations at home or on the car? Bills stacking up and you’re just a bit short? Sometimes you need a bit of extra cash. That’s where we come in. Phoenix Pawn and Gold gives you the chance to get the money you need from auto title loans.

Aren’t you a Pawn Shop?

Yes, but we have an advantage when we offer auto title loans to our customers. Our advantage is that of our partnership with Phoenix Title Loans, LLC; a local title loans company. Thanks to their efforts, we can provide this service to our customers at no additional charge (outside of what is application to the State of Arizona). They have their own website: to further assist in regards to auto title loans.

How Do Auto Title Loans Work?

They work on the simple premise of using your car, truck, automobile, even motorcycle as the collateral needed. The title on the vehicle, as well as the condition of the vehicle itself is the core factors in getting your maximum loan-to-value. After our assessment is done, we have you fill out paperwork to finalize the deal. Finally, we set a time frame to pay back the loan. Yes, you do have to pay this one back. We’ll explain the details as to why you would need to pay us back.

Is there anything Phoenix Pawn can offer?

Well, we are pawn shop as stated before. We offer a variety of pawn loans for our customers’ needs. If you’re looking for deals on electronics, we offer low prices to used electronics! No reason to buy a new TV that might not work fresh out the box when you can buy one of our TVs. Maybe you need a separate laptop to focus on work? We got you covered. Finally, we can handle auto title loans because of our partnership, so you can view us as a one-stop source to get the cash you need! That’s why we have been a trusted brand for over ten years. Don’t let your money problems slow you down! Come to Phoenix Pawn and Gold, today!

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