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    Gold Collateral Loans

What are Gold Collateral Loans?

The concept of Cash for Gold Loans is straightforward. By that, you are requesting a collateral loan using the gold you already own as the means to get cash from us, hence collateral. Phoenix Pawn takes many forms of gold as customers continue to request loans from our business. This type of loan is what we specialize in; it's in our name: "Phoenix Pawn and Gold" stems from.


In more detail, a gold collateral loan is one in which the security we have of your ability to repay the loan is in your gold jewelry.  It's similar to simply selling your gold jewelry, but with the ability to get your items back.  The value of your gold is used to determine the value of the cash loan.  Should you choose to accept our offer, we put cold, hard cash in your hand and hold on to your jewelry for a period of 90 days.  Come the end of that term, you have the option to either pay the existing interest on the loan, or to pay off the accrued interest and the amount we loaned you.  Paying just the interest gives you another 90 days to, again, either pickup the item by paying the loan in full, or just paying the interest to extend it again.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold is more than happy to wait until you find financial security.  Our gold collateral loans are offered to all citizens of Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale and can be yours in the span of a few minutes.  Get a free quote today!

How Do You Acquire These Loans?

There is a very simple solution to this question. Visit our store with your gold, and we can complete the process in-store. After a time, you walk out with cash on hand courtesy of our Gold Collateral Loans.

As a reminder, we do need to let you know this is a LOAN. The time frame in normal loans is 90 days from the initial cash out up to the final 'maturity' date. Don't worry if you are not able to pay us back! If you want to just walk away from the transaction, let us know and we'll use your gold (the collateral) as the means to pay off the balance. No mess, no fuss!

There are additional policies to explain, but it's best to hear from our staff on site. If you want to know ahead of time, visit our Frequently Asked Questions Page.

Are There Any Other Things I Need to Know?

A few things to remember when considering a loan with us:

  1. Bring the proper ID with you; in most cases, it's your Driver's License issued by the State of Arizona.
  2. If there is any proof of purchase, such as a receipt, we'll need it. This is to help authenticate the gold used.
  3. Gather all necessary accessories if such exist. This includes but not limited to, the case, the matching pair of gold items (jewelry), and other additional items that came with the gold.

Keep these in mind when considering Cash for Gold Loans with us. This will help you in the long run and get you the money needed sooner. In fact, some customers received their money within FIVE MINUTES!