Jewelry Cleaning Service

Not many people in the Phoenix area know of this little tidbit about us: that not only are we a renown pawn shop, but also we offer a jewelry cleaning service! Have your fine accessories and pieces gain their luster back with a cleaning for Phoenix Pawn and Gold.

Phoenix Pawn has a Jewelry Cleaning Service?!jewelry cleaning services available at Phoenix Pawn

Yes we do! In fact, we’ve HAD this service for some time now. If you need to have your jewelry look fresh and shine with luster, we’re willing to make that happen. You can partake of this service while looking into our various items we have in store: such as high end used electronics, like laptops, desktop computers. You can also ask our staff about our great pawn loan deals that


Two dollars. TWO. DOLLARS. Eight Quarters. Twenty Dimes. Forty Nickels. Sorry, we’re not taking two hundred pennies. But you get the idea. For LESS than the price of a Happy Meal, we can make you happy by showing your jewelry’s luster again. For just two dollars, your jewelry can look like new again. A great deal for what it’s worth! But to be fair, it IS two dollars per jewelry item.

You Can’t Be Serious. TWO DOLLARS?

You read that correctly. But we understand the skepticism. Also keep in mind we’re not using ‘cutting edge technology’ either.$2 Jewelry Cleaning Services per piece of jewelry! We have a cleaning system we utilize to help with restoring jewelry their original luster and shine. As such, it allows us to keep costs for such service as low as they are. No need to have you pay ridiculous amounts when two dollars should be more than sufficient. It also helps in that it’s a great deal less expensive than what most jewelers offer for the same service.

Why Hasn’t Phoenix Pawn and Gold Mentioned This Before?

Well, we first and foremost want to remind customers of our great pawn shop deals. We offer pawn loans for most items with significant loan-to-value. There is also a great selection of used items for sale as well, along with jewelry and collectible gold, silver, and platinum items. The main reason we haven’t really focused on our jewelry cleaning options because of the fact that we wanted to keep it a surprise. We realized that we can’t keep it a surprise for long, so we went ahead and made this as a way to show customers what we can offer in our store. Now we have yet another great service we can provide to our community; stop in today!