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Electronics Loans Phoenix citizens can go to for their financial needs!

If money is tight but you have some electronics lying around the house, then what better way to strike two birds with one stone! Stop by our store today to understand why when it come to Electronics Loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold is the place to take your business to.


What are the types of Electronics Loans Phoenix Pawn & Gold can provide?

We offer pawn loans to most electronics available in the market, but if you are looking for the MOST cash in your pocket, we payout the most for your LED TVs, digital cameras and recorders, stereo systems, speakers, flatscreens, blu-rays (not heavily scratched), iPhones, Blackberries, Androids, iPods, or other electronic items. We also provide electronics loans on the following brand names:  

Simply bring it in and we'll let you know its worth!

Pawn loans are also available for great items; We pawn GoPros, Bose sound systems, the Amazon Brand (such as A.Fire, A.Fire Stick, and A.Echo) and we pawn Polaroid Mobile Printers too! 

We loan on desktops, laptops, and monitors. We will loan the most on 90-day loans on Apple, Dell, IBM, Compaq, Toshiba, Sony, Epson, HP or any other brand. With all electronics that you decide to put loans on, please bring all remotes, manuals, power cords and accessories. In some cases, that could affect you getting a loan AT ALL, so don't miss out on the money you need by not having the accessories for your electronic items.


The Electronics Loan Process

The electronics loan process can be completed in as little as five minutes, but typically no longer than five minutes.  It all begins when you bring your item down to Phoenix Pawn and Gold for the loan.  One of our lovely associates will take the item, and get a fair market value for it.  The next step is to evaluate the overall condition of the item by looking for wear and tear, and possibly missing pieces.  This can obviously influence the price but since electronics usually only come down to whether or not they work, it's a minor issue.  And that's the last thing they'll check: to make sure it's in working order.  Depending on the electronic at hand, this can be fast or slow.  For things like a phone, it's about testing the speakers, ability to make a phone call, ability to play a video, and other basic features.  Once all this is verified, we'll make you a cash offer, collect some signatures, and then place your item back in our secured storage facility until you're ready to come pick it up.

In addition, we also loan on musical instruments. We give you cash for acoustic, electric, and bass guitars, drums, saxophones, synthesizers, and amplifiers. We will give you the most money for your Fender, Washburn, Les Paul, and Gibson guitars and store them in our safe and secure storage room for the duration of the loan.

So if you have any electronics, and you would like to get some Electronics Loans Phoenix Pawn and Gold is the ideal choice to make. Simply stop by our store for a free quote and appraisal for your electronics today! If you also have questions in regards to how our pawn loans process works or any other questions, simply click on the link here.

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