Cash for Gold

Have you got gold that you are needing to turn into cash?  Phoenix Pawn and Gold provides accurate appraisals and offers cash for gold!!  Whether you have gold coins, gold jewelry or gold ingots our service and cash offer speak for themselves!

Our associates are trained and certified to appraise gold, in all its forms, followed by the best cash offers in town!  In addition, Phoenix Pawn and Gold uses the most advanced technology to validate the gold's “karat” quickly and with expertise. In other words, we are confident we offer more cash for gold than our competitors

Get a Valuation by One of Our Certified Associates

First, we locate the hidden stamp that denotes the gold's “karat”.  Because this stamp is a point of reference to verify its purity ratio.  There are two different ways that we can measure and confirm the gold's purity. For gold jewelry we use our acid test kit.  Gold in bulk or coins the Sigma Metalytics tester is used.

For gold jewelry, the acid/purity test is used.  The gold jewelry is swiped on a stone leaving a small sample. This does not harm the gold jewelry in any way. In fact, it allows us to test its resistance to corrosion, without directly testing the jewelry. The highest acidic level used without a reaction the true percentage of the gold's purity.

If you have brought in gold coins, ingots or some other bulk form, we have the Sigma Metalytics tester to analyze the gold ratio.  Within a second it sends electromagnetic waves that instantly denote the gold’s karat. This testing provides accuracy, even when gold coins are sealed or packaged.  Which is comforting to coin collectors everywhere.

After that, the gold’s exterior condition is looked over.  Because it is important that there are no visible marks or scratches on the gold.  When it comes to gold jewelry, these affect the value to an extent.

Following that, the gold is weighed to give an accurate appraisal.

Finally, we refer to the "Spot-On" pricing of your gold, to provide the highest cash offer possible!

All of our gold appraisals are free of charge! In addition, there are no obligation to accept our cash offers!

We Provide the Highest Percentage of the “Spot Price” Around!

The Spot Price is the price of gold by gram, ounce and kilo the day it is bought or sold.  Most places pay out 50% - 60% of the Spot Price to their customers.  Because Phoenix Pawn and Gold takes pride in surpassing our competition and paying out 70% - 80% of the Spot Price.  As a result, this significant difference adds up quickly!

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Or you can contact us via text by dialing (602) 641-4666 and have your questions answered quickly!

We Can Hand You Cash for Gold in Minutes

Time is money in a sense.  From the time you enter Phoenix Pawn and Gold for an appraisal, to walking out with a stack of cash for gold, it takes only minutes. 

After a cash offer is accepted, two things are needed to complete the sale.  First, a valid ID and a then a few signatures to start counting down the cash offer agreed upon.  Yes, it is that simple!  As a result, it will be time well spent with the most cash possible in your wallet!

Phoenix has relied on Phoenix Pawn and Gold to continuously offer the most cash for gold for over a decade! This is the reason we are the #1 Pawn Shop in Phoenix and surrounding areas!

Pawn Your Gold for Cash to Loan

Many people are not willing to sell their gold outright, which is understandable.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold does have an alternative route or option that might work better for you.  You can pawn your gold and get a collateral loan.  With a pawn loan, you can receive the cash you need today, with 90 days to pay back the loan with interest.  While we have your gold at our store, it is kept safe and secure in our locked vault.  Once the loan is paid in full, you will receive your gold back that same day.  However you wish to get the cash you need from your gold, we are here to help!

Whether you sell, pawn or wish to buy gold, Phoenix Pawn and Gold is the best choice in town!

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