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The Silver Buyer Phoenix residents place their TRUST is in Phoenix Pawn and Gold!

Silver may be second when it comes to precious metals, but it's not second-rate when it comes to us buying it. We LOVE silver as much as the rest of the precious of metals out there; so much so that we will pay the best value in cash for them! Don't take our word for it: just stop by our store today and get the most cash from your Silver Buyer Phoenix Store: Phoenix Pawn and Gold!

One of the most common forms of silver that is bought and sold are silver coins.  We actually used to make a large amount of our currency here in the United States out of silver, and if you visit most Phoenix pawn shops you'll find usually a huge line of quarters around the 1960s that have a certain amount of silver inside of them.  Phoenix Pawn and Gold has dealt with thousands, if not tens of thousands, of these coins over our decade plus existence in the Valley of the Sun.  We're experts when it comes to all sorts of silver, silver jewelry, silver rings, silver earrings, silver coins, and even silver bars.  

We take all kinds of silver bullion, anywhere from 1 ounce to 1,000 ounce Silver Bullion bars

We take most minted stamped silver bullion bars including EngelhardJohnson MattheyPan AmericanPamp SuisseSunshine and many others.  As a Silver Buyer Phoenix Pawn and Gold is always looking forward in buying these types of minted silver.  We are also able to offer Cash For Silver on the spot when you arrive. THAT'S how passionate we are when it comes to buying silver with our customers!  The following items pique our interest the most, such as:

Numismatic Silver Coins

  • 1 Ounce Silver Rounds
  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Coins
  • US Silver American Eagle Coins
  • US Silver Buffalo Coins
  • Australian Silver Bullion Coins
  • 90% Silver Bags

We take any quantity of 90% Silver pre-1965 US coins.

If quality matches quantity, we'll receive them with open arms. From $1000 Face Value bags to $10 Face Value lots, Silver Peace Dollars and Silver Morgan Dollars are ALWAYS accepted with us. Bring as many as needed to get back on your feet!  Don't let your collection go unnoticed when you are having a money crisis. You could turn your Silver Peace Dollars and Silver Morgan Dollars to cash with us at Phoenix Pawn and Gold. Stop by our pawn shop today and see why we're the best silver buyer Phoenix has!

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