Sell Jewelry Phoenix

February 11, 2016 - 3 minutes read

Got jewelry that just isn’t showing your best of style? Then polish those beautiful jewels up. We’ll give them new life again at Phoenix Pawn and Gold! When you need to sell jewelry Phoenix turns to us to get them the best of value for their treasures.

As you would come to love and appreciate of us as a pawn shop, your jewelry is fair game. Simply stop by our store and show us your fine fashion sense and we’ll give you cash for it. It’s pretty straightforward. Naturally, bringing in the right credentials (proof of purchase, accessories, original package/box, etc.) will help with the authentication process but if you also need to let go of estate jewelry, we can accept them as well. It’s not a deal-breaker if you don’t have everything that came with the jewelry so don’t feel like you are strong-armed to do so. Also, we do have some experience with assessing these precious metals despite not being an actual Jeweler.

Finally, the bottom-line: if we like what we see, you see the cash then and there. Naturally the value of the jewelry will be depending on its condition, but don’t let that stop you if your diamond is a little rough. Only way to know what you’re getting is by stopping by, showing off and letting us marvel at your fine accessory pieces. We must mention that this is selling your jewelry to us. This is different from loaning it. Should you come to us to sell jewelry Phoenix Pawn and Gold will claim ownership once the transaction is completed. After all, you are providing us the jewelry so we can provide you the cash upfront.

Though the pawning industry has long existed before us, we have placed our mark in the Valley community for over ten years since we’ve started business. Throughout those years and further still, we shall continue to be the place for all customers to come and sell their jewelry with us, whether you’re in Phoenix, or happen to live in any of the other cities of Tempe, Scottsdale, Mesa, and beyond. Don’t let your jewelry fade away! Let them shine with us today!

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