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Title Loans

Are you in a financial pinch and could use a bit of spare cash? If you’ve got a vehicle and an hour of your time, then Phoenix Pawn and Gold has your solution in Phoenix, Tempe, or Glendale. Our title loans allow those individuals who own their car outright to have access to a secured source of fast cash; amounts up to $100,000! With just your vehicle and an ID, you can put cash into your pocket as soon as the next hour at our Phoenix pawn shop. Let’s take a look at how you can secure an auto title loan today, and the process involved.

Keep Your Vehicle and Cash

First and foremost, a title loan is a form of collateral loan in which we use an asset as security of your repayment of the loan. This can be done with less valuable items; jewelry and electronics. They are used in a “pawn loan(which we also offer).” It can also be done with a vehicle in the form of a title loan. What separates this form of collateral loan from the rest, however, is that Phoenix Pawn and Gold doesn’t need to hold on to the collateral throughout the duration of the loan.

When you pawn certain items, it’s typically a requirement that the pawnshop holds on to the item; it’s so that they can resell the goods to recoup the loan amount if it’s not paid back. There’s no need to do this with a title loan. If you live in Phoenix, Tempe, or Glendale, you can get your cash and still drive away in your car so you can get to work; that and other obligations.

Since a title loan is a form of a collateral loan, it also means that we don’t have to waste time; to not worry about all the other metrics that a traditional financial institution might use to approve your loan. Things like having bad credit or no credit, or even having no income or job, have no bearing whatsoever; they don’t determine approval for a Phoenix title loan. All we care about is that you’ve got a vehicle that’s worth some cash, and we can get you approved and on your way with cash in hand.

Put Your Trust In Us

All of our title loans are done through our partner, Phoenix Title Loans; a well-respected and trusted organization. Phoenix Title Loans has been helping residents of Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale get back on their feet financially; for over a decade, no less! Through their hard work, they differentiate themselves from the traditional title loan lender. The difference being, they offer flexible repayment plans and methods. That flexibility allows individuals to one day get out of the mountain that is debt. This gives customers greater confidence to work out their own financial destiny.

Repaying a title loan is a monthly process. Phoenix Pawn and Gold, each of your payments goes both towards interest and principal each month. This guarantees that at some point in the future, chosen by you. Through this, you’ll have your vehicle completely paid off and fully back in your possession. Even so, Phoenix Pawn and Gold keeps providing customers options.

There simply isn’t any other title loan provider that you should trust with your most valuable asset. Open seven days a week, come get a free cash title loan quote today. Let’s see what we can do for you.