Bad Credit Title Loan

The last couple of years have brought financial instruments into everyone’s purview.  Although, collateral lending has been around and available, since the 1800s.  Because these loans are based on the value of the item you are willing to secure your loan, and lessen the risk for the lender.  In addition, collateral loans, and title loans do not rely on your credit score to approve or deny you the can loan you need.  Therefore, at Phoenix Pawn and Gold, we’re happy to offer our Bad Credit Title Loan services to anyone in Phoenix, Tempe, or Glendale.  As long as you own a vehicle, with a clean title, you can get a title loan.  And the best part?  You can still drive away in your vehicle!

Get the cash you need with a Bad Credit Title Loan - Phoenix Pawn and Gold

Bad Credit Is No Problem

So how can we ignore bad credit?  We discussed it a bit above, but the simple answer is that a title loan is a collateralized loan. In this case, the only thing we need to secure your fast cash is a vehicle of value.  Any vehicles from boats to RVs to motorcycles to just a regular old car are good for Bad Credit Title Loans at our Phoenix pawn shop.  Bad credit is absolutely no problem at Phoenix Pawn and Gold.  All we need is a vehicle of value; we can loan you anything from $500 up to $100,000. This amount is depending on the value of your vehicle.

Keep Your Vehicle!

A title loan only requires us to put a lien on your vehicle until the entire balance of the title loan is paid off.  This means we don’t need to store the vehicle or keep it in our possession during the duration of the loan.  You can come in, get your cash from a title loan, and drive away in that same vehicle.  All you have to do to maintain your end is to keep making your monthly payments until eventually the Bad Credit Title Loans is entirely paid off.  At Phoenix Pawn and Gold, our title loan solutions are an ideal financial instrument for those who need a short term cash infusion to get financially back on their feet.

How To Get the Most Cash Possible With a Bad Credit Title Loan

Phoenix Pawn and Gold sincerely wants to help you get the most cash possible when you are seeking a title loan.  Therefore, we promote what can make a difference in the cash offer you are presented.  So, here are some helpful hints:

  • Take the time to clean up your vehicle, and bring it to us in the best condition possible.  Because your presentation of your vehicle does matter!
  • Bring receipts you may have of any upgrades, that would affect its overall value.
  • Bring an extra key for your vehicle, and offer it to our associate.  This is a sign of good faith on your behalf.