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Cell Phone Loan

A cell phone used to be an item of luxury. Only the rich afford them; or to those who needed to be available for communication every single minute at all known times have them. Today, with the mass production of smartphones and the immense amount of area coverage involved, your financial status is irrelevant. No matter your wealth level or importance you’ll most likely have a smartphone in your pocket. Access to information has changed the world; many of us dislike how it’s being used, yet accept it. We’re living in the future that we dreamed of twenty years ago; a cell phone loan is as common as cell phones themselves.

These devices are expensive, however. All smartphones have a retail value of at least a few hundred dollars; some even run up to a thousand dollars. That phone burning a hole in your pocket can be your access to fast cash at Phoenix Pawn and Gold. This is done through our Cell Phone Loan. In mere minutes in Phoenix, Tempe, or Glendale, we can get you a cash loan for your smartphone or regular cell phone.

Cash Loans on Any and All Phones

At our Phoenix pawn shop, we really can’t stress enough that any smartphone or cell phone that has some sort of resale value is eligible for cash at our pawn shop.  An easy way to check this is either to use our live chat at the bottom of the screen; we’ll get you a cash offer in minutes. Or just do a search on eBay yourself and see if people are buying/selling them.  There are very few smartphones that we won’t make cash loans on. However, so this usually isn’t an issue for most customers.

How Do We Start?

The first step in making a collateral loan in any field is an accurate appraisal. All of our employees at Phoenix Pawn and Gold have decades of cash loaning experience on all sorts of electronics and know how to get customers the maximum amount of cash available. This consists of a check that the smartphone isn’t being financed; that the phone is in decent working condition, and that it’s in an acceptable shape cosmetically.

How Do You Check The Value on a Cell Phone?

Most importantly, we do the eBay check for each and every one of our transactions just the same. It’s important to us that each one of our customers at our Phoenix pawn shop feels that they’re receiving fair, equal treatment and that it’s in line with what the used cell phone market thinks the phone is worth as well. All of these factors combined allow us to get you a cash cell phone loan offer and with just a few signatures allows us to put cash in your hand.

How Long Do These Last?

All cell phone loans are written for ninety days. Any customer in Phoenix, Glendale, or Tempe can come and retrieve their cell phone within this timeframe by simply paying off the interest accrued up to that point. There’s no pre-payment penalty or anything like that. Our goal is to allow customers fast, easy access to the cash they need. On that ninetieth day, a cell phone loan customer needs either pay off the loan in full or pay off the interest. Once done, we’ll happily extend the loan for another 90 days. One way or another, our cell phone loans are the worth the time you’ll take in getting them in all of Phoenix.