Finding Phoenix Pawn and Gold from the 85009 Area!

If you’re a resident in the 85009 zip code, then you’re in luck! Phoenix Pawn and Gold has provided a road map to our store. Let us be your one stop for the latest in fine metals, jewelry, and electronics. Also, if you need a spot of cash, our cash loans can help.

Getting To Us From 85009

Since we’re already in the same area, it’s easy to reach us. For those not familiar with the 85009 area, here’s some information. First, our store is on the corner of Van Buren Street and North 28th Drive. You’ll know your in the correct area when you see the Rulis Window Tinting shop and the SIN SON WAY resturant in the general area. The key thing to remember is reaching Van Buren Street. If you live closer to 35th Avenue, you’ll want to head east on Van Buren. If you live closer to 27th Avenue, head west on Van Buren.

With Phoenix Pawn, you get some incredible deals in second-hand goods and quality loan-to-value cash loans. We promise to provide accurate and efficient service with each customer that enters our store. Our selection of electronics come from the latest from Apple, Dell, Samsung, and even Sony. We also have some of the finest gold, silver, and diamonds you can buy without breaking a piggy bank to do so.

What makes Phoenix Pawn Stand Out?

Phoenix Pawn and Gold has been a pawn shop that has stood the test of time and economic toil. We are a successful business with over ten years experience in the Pawn Industry. This allows us to give our customers the satisfaction that their business with us is not wasted! And with their support, we will continue to be their option to financial freedom and success!