Phoenix Pawn and Gold has taken many things over the years: guitars, TVs, Gold Jewelry and Nuggets, even Helicopters (thanks to our partners at Phoenix Title Loans, LLC). We also want to announce our existing ability to provide internal storage for Motorcycle title loans holders. That means we can keep your motorbike with us and rest assured it's in the best of care!

Storage with us is an Excellent reminder of Responsibility

We encourage storing the vehicle with us. Customers have the freedom to hold onto their vehicle; however, storage works more in the favor of the customer. This is seen as a personal commitment to the responsibility of having the motorcycle title loan in effect. We know not every customer can guarantee the loan be paid overnight; though we have HAD cases like this in the past. That is why you are willing to entrust your vehicle to us. Conversely, the same responsibility falls to us as well, as the ones holding the motorcycle. To that end, we are backed by the Lloyds of London standards; your bike is safe with us.

Internal Storage with us is a Wise Decision AND Your Choice

We always wish to offer the customer as much choice and decision making authority that we can in regards to how they handle their loan. Granted we can't outright give full authority, but we give you the choice of storing the vehicle here or to hold onto it yourself.

We understand that you may still need it to handle day-to-day matters, but consider the wisdom in having us hold onto it. You know where it is at all times. Under our care, we'll keep it safe-guarded with our surveillance system.

Free Up Needed Garage Space at Home

This is a more subtle benefit that goes with storing the motorcycle with us. Imagine what you can do with the added space? Make more room for storage? Turn it into a party center (or man cave, depending on the preference), help reorganize items in the garage/car port, and possibly showcase your awesome motorcycle in a public setting! Yes, that last one isn't so much for the garage as it is for you, the OWNER of the vehicle.

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