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We’re living in a beautiful age of technology. All the most necessary pieces of tech that in the past would only be found in the houses of the wealthy are now commonly held by each and every individual despite how much money they truly have. In many households, it’s even common for there to be a few pieces of all this technology – smartphones, tablets, used laptops, everything! The unfortunate thing about technology continuing to move forward with time is simple; that it consistently and quickly devalues the older pieces with each new advancement.

At Phoenix Pawn and Gold, we’ve strived to bring the residents of Phoenix, Glendale, and Tempe back on their feet financially and the depreciation of these used laptops prevents that. We’re happy to be your laptop buyer if you’d like to finally get rid of the dust-collecting machines. Let’s take a look at the process; in which reading this page alone is a longer process than actually getting cash for selling your laptop in some cases.

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Cash for Used Laptops

All-in-all, we can buy used laptops in a mere matter of minutes.  All of our employees use a three-tiered process to ensure accurate and consistent appraisals. This applies to all technology that comes through our doors.  With their combined decades of experience, our employees usually don’t take more than five minutes to accurately appraise items.

First and foremost, ensuring that it’s in fully functioning and operating condition is key.  The laptop obviously still needs to have an operating system like Windows on it. It needs to be able to connect to the Internet, play videos/music, charge, and just operate to its fullest potential!  Secondly, it needs to not be falling apart.  Inspecting the battery, the screen, and the overall condition of the parts on the laptop is vital as well.

Is That All?

Lastly is the most important piece and something that Phoenix Pawn and Gold truly do best.  With the exact model number and generation of your used computer, we’ll research what other buyers and sellers all across the country are currently paying. There’s such a wide variety of used laptops in today’s day and age that it’s simply unreasonable to expect anyone can accurately appraise them without this information.

All of this is taken into consideration and compiled to make you a cash offer as your computer buyer. With just a few signatures, we put cash right into your pocket, and send you on your way a few hundred bucks richer!

Computer Loans for Those Not Ready to Sell

Again, our goal is financial security at Phoenix Pawn and Gold in Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale. Some of these used laptops around the house may be extras or spares. There can be a variety of reasons for why you don’t want to part with it. We understand that better than most. We’ll happily extend laptop loans to any customers who are not looking for a laptop buyer; still, needing the luxury of fast cash in their pocket.

For a period of ninety days, the customer has the option to repay the loan and the interest. This helps reclaim their laptop immediately. Open seven days a week to Phoenix, Tempe, and Glendale, we’re the only computer buyer you should visit any day of the week.