Pawn Apple iPad for a 90 day cash loan - Phoenix Pawn & GoldPawn Apple iPad

When it comes to electronics and tablets, Apple products have a larger out of pocket cost to buy.  Likewise, they also retain their value and for longer, as well.  So, why not take advantage of this value, to secure a cash loan?  And if this is your intent, if you want to get the best offer turned into fast cash, bring it to Phoenix Pawn & Gold to pawn Apple iPad!

Our pawnbrokers are well equipped, ready and able to offer almost the same amount of cash to pawn iPads, as they would if you wanted to sell.  Pawning Apple iPads is a quick and simple process that will allow you to put cash in your pocket in mere minutes. Let’s take a look at the process and how quick and easy it can be.

Value Turns Into Cash When You Pawn iPads!

At Phoenix Pawn and Gold, we’re more than happy to loan cash; and on just about any Apple iPad that walks through our door. That’s why customers pawn Apple iPad they own with us. We take into account every factor possible to ensure we’re getting our customers the most amount of cash.

Pawn Apple iPad with the receipt, original box and all its accessories at Phoenix Pawn & GoldThe simple fact is that all used iPads simply aren’t the same, and we understand that.  Those that take good care of their tablets should be rewarded, and our pawn loan values definitely reflect this value.  We’re more than happy to loan more cash to individuals who have the original accessories with their iPad as well.  The original box, receipt, and accessories definitely help us give you more cash value.

When you do bring your iPad down to our Phoenix pawn shop, our associate will perform a quick inspection on the tablet before we make you a cash offer.  This is a simple and quick process and just involves us verifying that all key features are still in operating condition, and also that cosmetically it’s not been all beat up during its life.

Any Other Steps to Pawn Apple iPad?

Get fast cash when you pawn Apple iPad for cash!Lastly, since the price of used tablets varies so greatly on a day-to-day basis, we check the current used tablet market; helping us find the value for your exact make and model. We do this to ensure that our offer accurately reflects the price others are currently buying and selling for. You won’t receive this kind of treatment anywhere else – we believe when pawning an Apple iPad you deserve a fair price no matter your financial situation.

All we need is to see your valid and current Arizona driver’s license, collect a few signatures, and then we count out the offer in cash to you.  Your iPad sits in our safe, secure storage facility until you’re ready to come to pick it up.

Repaying Pawned iPads Is Flexible

Our tablet pawn loans are written for a period of ninety days according to state law.  Anytime during this period a customer can come and repay the entire loan value. We then put their Apple iPad right back into their possession. On the ninetieth day, if financially you’re still not in a place where you can repay the loan, that’s okay. We’ll happily extend it for another ninety-day period with just paying the interest accrued to date.

Pawn iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, Apple Watches and more, for cash in mere minutes, at Phoenix Pawn & Gold!