Phoenix Pawn Pawns Sneakers! Get Cash For Your Kicks!

April 15, 2017 - 4 minutes read

Shoes, Sandals, Sneakers. You put your feet in them, you travel on them, you kick butt WITH them…most of the time. But did you know you can get some money out of them too? Phoenix Pawn did. In fact, we’ve seen a few sneakers grace our store and wondered why most WOULDN’T want to pawn sneakers for collateral? Let’s dispel the rumors shall we?

You SAY You Pawn Sneakers, But You’re Only After the Highest Brand!

There is some truth to this. We at Phoenix Pawn don’t have the store space (yet) to host every type of sneaker so we do look for these core aspects:

  1. Brand Recognition: If we know it, we’ll take it! Especially well known brands like Jordans, Gucci, and more. Though that’s not the deal-breaker. The next aspect is.
  2. Condition of Shoes: If it’s got a hole in it, best to send it to Goodwill. If it’s intact, but has some scoffs and scratches, it will depreciate the overall loan-to-value. Fortunately, if you’re a true sneakerhead, this is not even considered a factor. This NEXT aspect IS a factor; an important, obvious, but often overlooked factor.
  3. The TYPE of Sneaker/Shoe. This, too, is not a deal-breaker. It’s not even limited to SNEAKERS. Women’s footwear is just as important as Men’s. All are welcomed, so long as they abide by this next
  4. The Sneakers MUST Come As A Matching Pair: This. This surprisingly is an overlooked factor when people are considering to pawn sneakers. We know you wouldn’t buy a pair of shoes and get only one shoe out of the deal. The same goes for us. You have a pair of kicks, we need to pawn them as a pair.

You Probably Won’t Even Give Me Top Dollar Without the Box They’re In!

Again, SOME truth to that. If you have the original package, it helps in authentication and preservation of the shoes. It’s not the deal-breaker though. The SHOES are the deal-breaker. If we can recognize them upon eye-contact, then we can quickly assess the value of the sneakers. The Box is a perk in that it helps us maintain the sneakers while the pawn loan from them is in effect.

I Need These Shoes! They’re My Only Pair!

Well, you got us there. As we treat sneakers like we do all of our pawn loan collateral, it would need to be stored with us. Please make sure you have an extra pair when conducting this transaction. We still follow the policy of ‘No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service.’ So don’t pawn your ONLY sneakers if they’re all you got.

Phoenix Pawn Really Does Allow Us to Pawn Sneakers?

Phoenix Pawn is a pawn shop, after all. We do our best to provide as many unique types of pawning possible to help Phoenicians and residents throughout the Valley. This included footwear. This is not limited to just residents of Phoenix. Any customer from the surrounding Valley cities of Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Avondale, Scottsdale, Casa Grande, Glendale, and more can pawn sneakers with us! Visit today and see how far your shoes can make money for you!

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